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What does your blood show you about your health?


What is Live Blood Cell Analysis?

Many nutritionists, naturopaths and other holistic health professionals use Live Cell Microscopy as a tool for assessing the state of one’s overall health. Live blood analysis can reveal distortion of red blood cells which reflect nutrition status, especially low levels of iron, protein, vitamin B12, folate and fatty acids. Incomplete or delayed digestion of fats and proteins can also be observed. In addition, liver stress, undesirable bacterial and fungal by-products may be revealed and altered “blood ecology” patterns can be observed. These patterns allow disease imbalances to occur over time and the idea is to modify and improve sub-optimal patterns before serious trouble such as disease arises.

The live blood thus acts as an educational “feedback mechanism”, motivating people to improve their nutritional intake. Positive changes in the structure of cells can be viewed over time as improved nutrition impacts the blood.


What is a Nutrigenomics Profile & Assessment?

Utilizing information about your genetics, biometrics, and health history to design a personalized nutrition plan customized to your needs, to provide the fuel that is best for your body.  After completing your intake with me, you will receive a binder containing your personalized diet plan. 


The binder is divided into 4 parts:  An introduction including your information all about your Genotype, food lists, a meal planning guide, an app for your phone, shopping lists, and exercise guide.

Image by Warren Umoh
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